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Zdravo Organic company for processing of fruits and vegetables was established in 2002. Having years of experience in the production of raw materials and traditional recipes for making healthy food our ancestors have guarded the fertility of the soil, and nature has given us plenty of water and plenty of sunny days. In the modern technology we have found a tool to make their intentions into practice.

  • Today in our ‘natural cuisine’ in Selenca daily output of 100% natural juices from fruits and vegetables without adding water and sugar.
  • In addition there are juices and chutney and sour salads prepared without the use of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.
  • No added sugar, water, preservatives, concentrates, and artificial colors and flavors, HEALTHY juices are 100% fruit and vegetables because we put in our products just what comes from nature.

The process is simple – we choose the best fruits and vegetables, squeezing the fruit, filtered, ladling into glass bottles and eventually protect pasteurization...

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