Calgo MN Pufies



We are the creators of Pufies and we have a special mission – to support and encourage every mum to trust herself.

Trust in your intuition and the decisions you make for your baby, because YOU are the best mum your precious one could ever have!

Pufies are here to provide babies with supremely gentle care, combined with an extra bit of fun and diversity between diaper changes.

We strive to be dynamic, innovative and contemporary.

We believe that every mum and baby are unique. Each baby has different needs of care. We support every mum to trust her mother instinct because she knows best what’s good for her own child.

You – our consumers are our friends. In helping and supporting you along the way, we commit to constantly developing the brand as we listen to your voice first.

We understand your needs, so we have developed a product that you can trust from day 1.

Wishing you all the happy time together!

Your Pufies Team

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