Montenegrin market is divided into 3 regions: the southern, central and northern. The market has a total of 650 000 inhabitants. Calgo MN has developed a distribution network which consists of a large number of managers and sales agents. Our mission is to preserve the existing position in the market through teamwork and innovations as well as improving overall trading.
  Calgo MN Ltd. from the moment of being established untill now, has been dealing with representation and distribution of the program of multinational company RECKITT BENCKISER which is the basis of our activities. During years of business, distribution business portofolio has expanded.
  This logistics-distribution company operating in Montenegro, in its sales distribution portofolio has brands in the field of: cleaning products, personal hygiene, cosmetics, food.
  Calgo MN Ltd. has a team of young and educated persons with a clear vision and goals they wish to achieve in the future. The success and a steady progress of our company rest on the brands we represent as well as the employees we have.