Calgo MN Esensa
Calgo MN esensa protection spray  

Xibiz natural protection spray 100ml

It is intended for children and adults. Without the presence of parabens, perfumes and alcohol, it effectively and naturally protects the skin from mosquito and insect bites. Its formula based on the essential oils of basil, rosemary, lavender, panthenol, bisabolol, vitamin E and lemongrass makes it safe, effective and suitable even for very sensitive skin of children. It is easy to apply. After application, it does not leave stains and greasy traces. By evenly applying the spray on exposed parts of the skin, protection against mosquito bites is provided for up to three hours after applying the product.
It is safe for use in children older than 2 years.
Xibiz is a very practical solution for mosquito protection on a journey.
Xibiz natural protection spray is registered as biocidal product.
• basil essential oil
• rosemary essential oil
• lavender essential oil
• lemongrass (Lemongrass)
• panthenol
• bisabolol
• Vitamin E


Calgo MN esensa sprej  

Xibi Strong Protection IKARIDIN

anti-sting spray mosquitoes and ticks provide long-lasting and safe protection against mosquitoes and ticks up to 12 hours after application. It is formulated based on icaridine which is extremely effective but also completely safe for the whole family, and is Xibi Strong Protection IKARIDIN spray intended even for the youngest over 6 months. After spraying spray on the places you want to protect from insect stings and bites, remains very pleasant feeling on the skin, thanks to the enriched formulation panthenol, vitamin E and essential oil of tame mint.
Xibi Strong Protection IKARIDIN spray is completely safe for use in the sun.
Also, one of the advantages of icaridine is that it is safe for fabrics (in case of accidental contact), does not affect the structure of the nail polish and is inert in contact with different types of plastics (does not change their appearance and structure).
• icaridine (20%)
• panthenol
• Vitamin E
• essential oil of tame mint



Herbal Jao gel

Effectively soothes inflamed and irritated skin, after mosquito bites, burns, shaving, waxing.
The synergistic effect of witch hazel, chamomile and mint reduces redness, rash, itching and flaking of the skin at the site of application.
Witch hazel extract has astringent, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, while the tincture of chamomile works soothing to the skin.
Mint gives a pleasant feeling of cooling and reduces the feeling of pain which occurs as a consequence of skin irritation.
Herbal Yao gel contains panthenol and allantoin that stimulate epithelialization and regeneration of damaged skin.
➢ witch hazel
➢ Chamomile extract
➢ tame mint oil
➢ panthenol
➢ allantoin
➢ tocopherol acetate