Calgo MN Aroma


Aroma was found back in 1954, in Futog, in the fertile Vojvodina basin, not far away from Novi Sad, as Mill industry for pepper processing. Over the past six decades Aroma has been growing and expanding its product assortment to the satisfaction of millions of consumers in country and abroad. In the effort to justify the trust of its consumers, Aroma is today one of the leading food manufacturers in Serbia. On the 20 hectares of its property, in the city construction region, Aroma has 8,000 m2 of production and warehousing space, with the advanced production technology, in which the following production is realized.

AROMA PRODUCTION PROGRAM: Production of ground spice pepper, Vinegar production, Production of food additions with vegetables and spices, Production of gluten-free diet productsProduction:of powders for puddingof powders for whipped and foam creamof powders for ice-cream dessert of powders for vanilla sugar and baking soda. Packaging of: spices, mill products, bakery products, cereals, processed fruit, additives and other food products.

With its product assortment, AROMA occupies a solid position in Serbia’s market and in the region, and it is conquering European and world markets. Our top brands are FUTOŠKA ZAČINSKA PAPRIKA (Futog spise pepper) as a universal spice and PRIRODNO ALKOHOLNO SIRĆE (natural alcoholic vinegar) as a high-quality product, made in the traditional way. Wide range of products is expanded every year with new products with modern design and packaging shape. Keeping out quality level, human recourses, knowledge and experience, we will meet all the demands and expectations of our customers. We think that will be the reason for the future generations of customers to trust AROMA products as well.

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