Anna Bakehouse

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"Anna Bakehouse" d.o.o. is a family company with decades of experience in the production and sale of bakery, confectionery and related products.

The roots of our activity and development date back to 1965, when he first smelled warm bread. The tradition continued in 1990, the second generation took over all the responsibility of production.

From its founding until today, "Anna Bakehouse" has based its development on the basic principles of a healthy family and interpersonal relationships with the respect of all associates. We managed to combine the most modern technologies and the best from the master tradition.

Whole wheat flour stands out with its low-calorie power, which greatly affects the quality of the finished product. With the addition of other types of flour, such as buckwheat, rye, corn, oats ... we get exactly what you are looking for ... fresh, crunchy, unique in taste and extremely healthy snacks.

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