Air Wick

Calgo MN Air Wick


Air Wick was created in 1943 and it was immediately embraced with enthusiasm. It was one of the first products used for eliminating odors. It was specially designed, stylish air freshener leaving room with as much or as little fragrance as you’d like, just with a flip.

As people were impressed by how these products refreshed their homes, a decision was made to create new fragrances and so in 1953 starting from the USA, Air Wick got on the shelves of different supermarkets in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Nowdays, its products can be found in 60 countries around the world. With wide range of lasting aromas AirWick will make your home always smell nice and relaxing, creating an atmosphere that feels good and is relaxing.

The only thing it takes is to experience the aromas and we’re sure that you will find the right AirWick product for you.

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