About us

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Calgo MN Ltd. is a logistics and distribution company that since its establishment has been engaged in the sale and distribution of multinational company RECKITT BENCKISER. In its sales distribution portfolio, there are several brands in the field of chemistry, personal hygiene and cosmetics, nutrition. . .

CALGO MN owns a good distribution network that fully covers the territory of Montenegro. Clearly defined logistics involves a large number of managers and sales agents in the field, fast and accurate delivery of goods, as well as a modern fleet.

Thanks to the good organization of our distribution network, all partners whose representatives or distributors are for Montenegro, provide complete monitoring of the movement of products on the market, from import to sale to the end consumer. This includes:

• well-organized sales
• modern distribution
• merchandising
• monitoring the positioning of products in the markets
• monitoring of competition
• price control
• accuracy, regularity and ordering of data
• organization of promotions in the markets
• an analysis of the results achieved
• presentations